Hi there, my name is Oscar Bartra. I'm a web developer with a background in telecommunications and neuroscience.


Recent Projects

  • Result Set Viewer (2012-2013)

    Result Set Viewer is an application to share and view neuroimaging data on the browser. Researchers can collaborate easily with different institutions while maintaining ownership of their data.

    [Paper in preparation]

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  • Brain Atlas (2012)

    This application allows you to browse a human brain and visualize regional boundaries based on various, commonly used, brain atlases.

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  • Reward DB (2011-2013)

    Reward DB allows you to query a hand-curated Database of Subjective Value studies. Developed for the KableLab at the University of Pennsylvania.

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  • XIC (2010)

    XIC is a C# desktop program developed for the Physics Department at the UPC (Spain). It allows professors to classify exams and generate new ones.

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  • Go/no go (2013)

    Go/no go is a parameterizable task developed for the Treatment Research Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

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  • JS Environment (2013)

    Similar to JSBin, this is an online JavaScript editor and HTML generator. It has been tailored to the neeeds of the WISDM project, making the development of neuroimaging plug-ins simpler.

    WISDM's front-end has been developed entirely using it.

    [Paper in preparation]

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  • CellBrowser (2012)

    UiBinder friendly GWT CellBrowser. It behaves similarly to the default GWT CellBrowser widget but it uses UIBinder so it's easy to style with CSS.

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